Sabtu, 10 November 2012

Speech About Use of English in Everyday Life

Use of English in Everyday Life

Good morning Ladies and gentlements.
I really thankful for God. Thanks for the oportunity. So that I can stand here to tell some words.
 All right, ladies and gentlements.
 English is an international language. We can do communication with all people from all over the world by using English as main language. To make people can speak english is not easy, because some people think that english is difficult because it is a strange language for them. So, we should introduce English early on.
 We can start by teaching our little brother. In the educational world, we should teach english since elementary school. So that, they can know english earlier. And when they grew up, they accustomed with english and of course they will love it.
Finally, we can improve the ability of our in english. And we can do communication with other countries in the world. Absolutely, we can make our nation's future brighter.
 I think this the end of my spech. I wish we can meet in other chance.Thank you for your attention and good bye….!!!

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